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hi ozzy ! My name is Oscar and I am a 17 year old guy who has loved your music since I was a kid! I write to you and hope you are reading these ! all my life so it's been a dream to meet you. I tried to get money when you were in Stockholm so I kunnde buy vip passes to meet you but I had unfortunately not afford! would mean so much just for me if you could answer and meet me in the summer when you are at sweeden rock! would mean so much for me right now when I have a hard time ! I live in a home treatment for addiction to drugs then my entire life serkulera around you! but right now, I have been drug free for 90 days ! composite know I should not TELL you aboute of my holl life haha !! but please ask you to both the god o devil that you want to meet me ! in like 5 minutes! would be extremely taksamt because I'm a big fan of you and I love you . / / Oscar Fredrik Gunnarsson mobile number - 0738552277
please please ! I beg you!