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Black Rain bonus tracks: which one is best?

My order is:

1.Nightmare: I think that is Black Rain's best bonus track.Little Different melodic Ozzy song .Nice Keyboard intro and lyrics too.

2. Love To Hate: this is Killer song.Lyrics are very good.Awesome guitar solo. Very hard battle which one is better with Nightmare, but Nightmare is just little better.

3. I Can't Save You : this is good song, nice chorus. but the others are better ones.

what u think . what is your favorite?


Love To Hate kick f***ing ass

I don't know those songs... Are they new?

I Can't Save You
Love To Hate

Tony Iommi = God, his arch angels are Ozzy Osbourne, Dave Walker, Ronnie James Dio, Ian Gillan, Dave Donato, Glenn Hughes, Ray Gillen, Tony Martin, and Bill Ward (bassically everyone who sang on a song labeled Black Sabbath)

All three are great but Nightmare has such a great melody it should have been the first single.

where can you find those songs? i've never heard of them.

Guitar Players Rule

where can one find these bonus tracks?

No easy way out!