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Black Rain bonus tracks: which one is best?

My order is:

1.Nightmare: I think that is Black Rain's best bonus track.Little Different melodic Ozzy song .Nice Keyboard intro and lyrics too.

2. Love To Hate: this is Killer song.Lyrics are very good.Awesome guitar solo. Very hard battle which one is better with Nightmare, but Nightmare is just little better.

3. I Can't Save You : this is good song, nice chorus. but the others are better ones.

what u think . what is your favorite?


where can one find these bonus tracks?

No easy way out!

Love To Hate kick f***ing ass

I don't know those songs... Are they new?

I Can't Save You
Love To Hate

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All three are great but Nightmare has such a great melody it should have been the first single.

where can you find those songs? i've never heard of them.

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