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I myself have had the pleasure of seeing OZZY in the smaller venues. I have seen him with RANDY. I have seen him at the US Festival in "83" with Brad Gillis, again with Brad, and 3 times with Jake E Lee. I loved him at every show. I have not seen Ozzy in so long. I seriously could not deal with all the other BS bands that would come before the long awaited appearance of the Prince of Darkness. I just think since he is getting up there in his years it is easier for him to only have to appear at the few that he does. Which really sucks for all his new fans.

I got my OZZY fix from back in the day. Don't get me wrong if I had the chance to go see him at an Ozzfest you bet your ass I would go would definitly be a long ass day waiting for the main event. As for having kids all of mine love Ozzy too. I have a 19,17,and a 15 year old they would be blown away.