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As for Van Halen not changing their name bro, it is my opinion that they should have. Van Hagar as I like to call it was a slap in the face of what David Lee had done with Eddie & the boys. I hated 5150, & thought it was the biggest steaming pile of s*** ever; I was ashamed for Sammy, & ashamed for Eddie, what a joke. Now if they may have changed the name to being actually Van Hagar I might have seen it in a different light, but I doubt it, s*** is still s***, no matter what you may call it.

As for Kiss it sure couldn’t of hurt huh? Considering almost everything after they left was complete crap as well. Kiss died when they released their solo albums, then followed that up with dynasty, all pretty much crap. The only exception to that is that Paul & Ace managed to have the better of the four solo efforts, thus why I feel Frehley got the balls to bail when Gene an Paul started wanting to do crap like dynasty & the Elder. But that’s just my 2 cents on it all.

Now for Maiden, I noticed a difference when Dianno left, but it is almost never as damaging to a band when a musician leaves as opposed as to when a vocalist leaves. Sorry there is no denying that something has changed when you hear war pigs, compared to something along the likes of heaven and hell by Dio.

Now Guns & Roses only provokes a laugh with me, I can only be nice and say the first album was ok for the time, especially when you consider the competition it had with bands like poison & faster pussycat around lmao. But they turned out to be a bunch of losers in my book, & turned me off with all the ego bulls*** that came into play much later, I only look at them now as a over glamorized girl band, because the girls were the only ones that continued to really listen to them, or buy their records after Appetite & lies, but that’s MHO.

Now with what if the shoe had been on the other foot, I have to say for myself that I may not have even noticed Tony being gone from Sabbath to be truthful, at least not right away. Sorry but at that point and time there were far many other awesome guitar players that would have happily filled Iommi’s shoes. I will be fair and say that yes maybe the Sabbath sound would have changed a bit, but it would have been far less noticeable than the lead singer suddenly sounding like he swallowed a bottle full of steroids. Lol

As for pure talent goes; I don’t see Ozzy’s being able to sing any less of a talent than someone who can play guitar, & that is kind of a strange comparison??? I envy both, it’s a shame Iommi didn’t have both then maybe he could have not relied on someone else to work the mic & kept all the glory for himself, just a thought???

Peace bro