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I never understood the name Van Hagar, the was was started and belonged to Eddie and Alex, hence the name of the band was their last name. It wasn't Dave Van Halen it was Eddie Van Halen, thats where a lot of the talent was. Now thats not to say Dave wasn't great he was but when only one person changes it is up to the band leader (Eddie) to decide to change the name or not.

As for KISS, yeah Dynasty is a disgrace but Ace isn't a magice guitar player on a lot of those albums he didn't even record the songs cause he wouldn't show up. I personally like Crazy, Crazy Nights and a bunch of their releases, Vinnie Vincient was a great guitar player. But again Gene and Paul were the ones who started the project.

Was Maiden damaged? The Dickinson era of Maiden is the most popular one. When any member of a band leaves it will change but that is not always a bad thing. a good case with KISS's Dynasty. If things stay the same it becomes nostalgia (in the case of Sabbath platying Ozzfest) Heaven and Hell was different from Never Say Die but both a killer albums. When Bill left after H&H you can tell the difference but it was for the best as with Paul in Maiden and Ace in KISS. These guys were killing themselves.

GNR, yeah they developed ego but thats what tends to happen with fame. Axl is a great singer but Slash is a god among men, but after Axl whined enough he got the right to the band and was tus able to change anything he wanted.

The singer is the frontman that is true, that is what is most prominent but some people need time to get themselves together cause they are hurting themselves. Tony didn't go to the mic because he is not a singer and it would limit his playing onstage.

At the time when Dio came into Sabbath the band was thinking about a different name but as a BAND they decided to keep it. And again when Ian Gillan came around they were going to go with everyone's last names but with Bill behind the kit they decided to stay with Sabbath. It wasn't until Seventh Star when it wasn't the band (mostly Tony) that Tony was pressured by outside sources (the record company) who had no business in band decisions. But by the time Tony Martin came into Black Sabbath there was no point in dropping the name.

Each era was a little different but each carnation of Black Sabbath has had amazing musicians as with the different carnations of Van Halen, KISS, Guns N Roses, Iron Maiden, ect and it is stupid to dismiss something because one or two or all but one member is gone or because it is different.

Tony Iommi = God, his arch angels are Ozzy Osbourne, Dave Walker, Ronnie James Dio, Ian Gillan, Dave Donato, Glenn Hughes, Ray Gillen, Tony Martin, and Bill Ward (bassically everyone who sang on a song labeled Black Sabbath)