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I think its kind of sad that if Dio had never fronted for Sabbath, & was only known for his music with Rainbow, & his solo work, that people would put him on a much higher plateau than what he is regarded at. Dio was one of the heavier rock artists out there in his day, & basically helped pioneer the metal scene into what it is at present, & that is dark, heavy, & provocative. The only reason Dio's music creativity, or contributions are questioned is because he tried to fill Ozzy’s shoes when Iommi & Bill gave him the boot out of Sabbath. If it weren’t for that one little, but significant fact, we would all be yackin about what a great singer he was, & how he started the whole devil horns sign, & how cool that s*** was. But instead yet even today people want to compare Dio & Ozzy together. As for me, myself, & I, doing that is almost the same as trying to compare John Lennon, & Elvis up together. For crying out loud they sound nothing-alike people, & their whole style and approach is totally different. So it is with this thought that I will part with ya, we as Sabbath & Ozzy fans need to grow the f*** up & just let it all rest, after all its all in the past, nothing more than musical history fact & nothing more.