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Birmingham Pics

I took in my first Ozzy gig last night in Birmingham - a great show. I've uploaded the best of the pictures I took to my MySpace profile <a href="">HERE</a>.


It was also my first Ozzy gig last nite, and i F****n love'd every second of it, it was amazing, better than i expected! Great pics mate, love the close up's of Oz!!

It was my first gig on friday and the Oz man did not disappoint!!!! Rock on!!!!!! Someone swiped my t-shirt though.. u live and learn.. put the f**king thing on as soon as you get it. duh.

well good pics i was like 4th row standing but as im so damn short couldnt always see but it was excellent and my 1st concert too!!! I wanted a t-shirt but has sold out b4 i got chance :( i got some videos if u wana see then add me to ur bebo if u got one

i was on the bar, got Mike Bordin's drumstick ^.^