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Ozzy Rasputin Musical

Has Anybody heard anything about the rasputin musical that ozzy was working on??..possibly even a release date??


The last time i heard something about it it was in august 2007 and ozzy say ''The musical is in stop for the moment but the lyrics and the music is write ''

I remember hearing about this in 2006 and it was supposedly supposed to happen late last year.

nope havent heard anything more....im sure its on a hault right now.....he's touring this summer and fall/winter....so im guessing we wont be seeing anything about the musical until mid-late 2008 maybe even 2009...but itll be interesting nonetheless....i also heard Jon Davis of KoRn was working on a musical

No information about the musical ?!?

a musical? really? that would be interesting! i wanna know something about this! i wonder why i havent heard anything about this!!?! that'll be way cool!! <3

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I have never heard anymore about this either, man the Ozzy camp should keep us more informed I think, oh well Ozzy still rules!



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