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Information for OzzFest at Gorge Ampitheater

Hey all. I've been checking out this site and the forum and thought I would give you some information about the Gorge. I have alot of information that you may like to know. How do you ask? I work security there. I've worked there for 13 seasons, in the ampitheater, in the campground, and the parking lot. I've even gone to a few shows as a patron myself. If there is something here that doesn't quit cover your questions, let me know. I'd be more than happy to help.

First, do you guys know that when you arrive at the Gorge you be charged $20 to park in the lot? It's true. I guess they have to make money somewhere since it's a free show. So I would suggest you leave earlier than you normally would to get there. THe lines and wait may be a bit of a pain inthe ass.

Trust me when I say that I hope your wait isn't that long. THat means that I don't have to stand in the Gorge heat.

In the lot there is no drinking from open containers (bottles or cans). You can have alcohol in the lot as long as it's in a cup.

OK, so you don't want to park in the lot and you just want to go up to the campground. It's $40 a night. The show is Sat night at the Gorge. So if you get there Fri night you would pay $80.

Too steep you say. There are campsites at Vantage along I-90 and Getty's Cove. I don't know their costs.

What can you bring in to the show? Soft sided coolers only (no styroform). No glass, no cans. Soda, water, gatorade, etc as long as there is still the factory seal. No professional (removable lens) cameras, no audio recording. Food, blankets, jackets, extra cloths are OK.

Extra cloths and a blanket you ask. It does at time get cold when the sun goes down. And if the wind is blowing it's normally coming up from the Columbia River and it's chilly at night.

Rules/regulations in campground are all basically safety issues. We're in the desert and it's dry. No firearms or weapons of any kind. No fireworks, wood fires, open fires or fire pits. No underage drinking or minor in possession of alcohol. No illegal drugs or drug paraphernalia. No large parties, kegs or binge drinking devices. Quiet time is observed between 2:00 am and 7:00 am.

Bring a tent or camper, warm cloths, plenty of water and food.

There is a Guest Service desk inside the ampitheater if you have lost something. Lost items found at the end of the night are brought up to the campground after the show and the ampitheater is clear of people.

Enjoy your trip, your stay at the Gorge, and the show.


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