ozzy live in birmingham on the 6th july....HE ROCKED | The Official Ozzy Osbourne Site

ozzy live in birmingham on the 6th july....HE ROCKED

who went to watch ozzy then???
he was f***in ace.


I went to see Ozzy for the very first time at Birmingham 6th July. It was my first gig too (AWWW, gig virgin!!!) my god, I was blown away!! The entrance he made (including video-hillarious) was amazing!!!! My only regret was not seeing his walk of fame before hand. Anyone else see that???

i saw the great man in brum on july 6th & it was fabulous as he always is!
saw an ozzy tribute band in one of the pubs who were great & went to see ozzy recieve his star on the walk of stars,he deserves it & he was ace!
love him to bits!!!!!!!!!!!
i'll put some pics on my profile!

misstinkertrain? u were so lucky to see it all! wish I had been there. Checked out the pic - thanks! Wonder if they will put it all on to dvd? Was a momentous occassion.. Ozzy being back home etc.
Reckon they should! Anyone else think so?


Brilliant, saw him receive his star on Broad st and then on to the NIA . What a great day .
Cheers Piffy.

hey,i've tried putting some pics from the day on my profile,but it doesn't seem to be working,there's some on my myspace profile if you wanna see 'em though.

I will be going to see him July 24 in Arizona,and This will be my 3rd time,but my boyfriends first time.
We are such big fan's that we just bought a house and we bear a crufix on our front door. We have our own
Osbourne Clan. When I surpised him with Tickets,He was Speechless....Looking forward to meeting
all the fans,and seeing Ozzy again........Next on our list is the Walk of fame! Ozzy you are the F#?$.....BEST!!!
Rock on!!!!!!!

my god the whole day was phenominal!!! i got to the walk of fame farely "early" so i was quite close. i was the guy with long curly brown hair, BLS T-shirt, constantly shouting as loud as i could!!! The walk of fame was cool, but no whr near as mind blowing as ozzy was later on at the NIA! i was pretty much right at the front ( only one person infront of me ) and i was infront of ozzy himself! every time he threw buckets of water on us i would get a direct hit right in the face and it felt so good! just wht you need whn your sweatin buckets with hundreds of other sweaty guys surrounding you!!!!

Zakk blew me away as well, wht a beast!!!!! one of the best guitarists EVER!!!!

wht did everyone else think of the first band on headspace? the front man had one hell of a voice!!!


everytime i was going to see him the concert was canceled..bad luck i suppose then i moved to australia and he comes back to do a gig and i miss another lol. annoying as heck but nevermind

i would have loved to go but was on holiday in the canery islands now i just pry he comes and does a gig in hull