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go to every QT and if they dont have a box of MONSTER ENERGY DRINKS (specially marked)
ask them to check the stock room
I heard also CVS carries them. I just got my MONSTER BOX today and got lawn seats- it was the only box on the shelf, at cave creek and cactus- but they may have more in back.
There was another store listed as selling them too, might have been K-mart, not sure.
I was surprised to see the box today, but that shows they are still out there- just ask every store QT and CVS to check their stock- the boxes are distinguishable from the regular boxes by the ozzfest logo on top.
Good Luck! If one of my friends doesn't wanna go I'll send you one of mine. But I'd try to get a MONSTER box
today or maybe someone will be cool and give you extras.