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getting to ossfest in white river ampitheater

HELP! Our nineteen year old son got the free tickets to the white river concert but has now way to get there.he has no car and were to broke really to take him in our car. Prob now way to get there now since it is already 7:23 here now. Even if I came up with the money for gas I would have to leave here by midnight tonight. Sure don't want him to ride with just anyone either as I am the nervous type. I am mum you see. I like all kinds of music from rock to classical and christian rock. Hey I there is good music in all of em right. Well this is getting the steam out1 Our son had a friend who was gonna drive him up to Auburn but messed up on it. So it is just sit with those tickets and whatever. Ozzy where is your private jet when you need it lol.Free doesn't always help if you got no way to get there.


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