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I'm a huge Ozzy fan, thats of course why i'm on this site. Both ozzy and Dio are great singers. I dislike Dio a bit for a few reasons and none are just becuz "he's dumb as s***" or cuz he replaced Ozzy. It is because he has a huge ego. He makes claims like he invented the 'devil horns" i'm sorry but that is s***! Although he has stopped blaintantly s*** talking Ozzy in interviews whenever Ozzy comes up he still has this HUGE attitued like he is so much better than Ozzy, when in all actuality as far as the biz goes Ozzy has far outdone Dio by a long run. The biggest reason though is I'm just not huge into the music Dio makes. He writes about s*** I'm just not into, the way he writes about dragons and medievil times and all that good and evil s***, just makes me think of a bunch of nerds hanging out in their basements playing dungeons and dragons and listening to Dio singing about "riding a f***in tiger!"

So it's cool to dislike Dio, its all your opinion. Just please have an actual reason to back up your opinion