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First Ozzy Song you ever heard.

So let's try and remember the first ever Ozzy song you ever heard.
Mine was probably the title song from the album "The Ultimate Sin". That was in 1989 if I remember correctly. I t was not my tape. I borrowed it from a friend and that was how I was introduced to Ozzy.


The first song I've ever heard was Mr. Crowley and that was a revelation for me because after that I looked for all the other albums and now I know all his albums by heart and I really love them !!!!!!!!
Ozzy endlessly rocks !!!!
See you on the other side !!!

My First and favourite song? Crazy Train. BEST ONE EVER!

gotta love the crazy train


I love these things...I think my first oz listen was Crazy Train or No Bone Movies.

I think it was war pigs but i can't be certain.

I'm in here Oz-noids :-)

mr krowly as i remember would be the first ozzy song
online music players

their all awesome,,dont know a bad one


the first song i heard was kinda War pigs :P AWESOME SONG

Black Sabbath Kings of rock ¨' roll

yeah what cool parents


Send my regards to your father BMX!

probably would be iron man. when i was 4 i heard it on the radio and i asked my dad who sung that .and he said it was sung by black sabbath but they split up and then he put in an ozzy cd and asked if i liked it and i was like hell yea

Nice way mrs Osbourne... that's a good influece from your parents!

The first Ozzy song I remember hearing for the first time and KNOWING it was Ozzy, was probably "Mama I'm Coming Home", on the radio in the car when I was five years old. Both my parents are Ozzfan's. That's how I was exposed to Ozzy. =) My mom use to BLARE Ozzy when she was cleaning, haha.

cool,,let me know what your thoughts get too


maybe I could... let's think about

hey kala ,maybe if you make a flyer ,asking ozzy fans to come to a certain spot,you could get to know them,you could make it a once a month thing,a mini oz meet n greet,,,


I haven't found an Ozznoid in Mexico in my life, of course they all were in the Ozzy's concert, but I don't know their names

to right ---love the ozznoids--i think theres only four of five ozzy fans living in my neck of the woods


The best fans are here

I'm really to be here :) In France, I don't know many fans :(

hey cams,,,aint nothing wrong with comin here-
i think i can speak for most of us ozznoids,were glad your here


The first Ozzy song I've heard is Mr Crowley when I played Guitar hero world tour some months ago lol And now I'm here :)

yeah sorry but i can appreciate what the beatles did for the music industry but at that age i did not like them, i think there ok but-----my mum thought that everybody liked the beatles,she has not a musical bone in her body---she didnt realise that i was playing black sabbath,,just maybe she thought they were the same lol--i dont really know,,maybe i'll ask her and get back to you ,,by the way the closest thing i have to the beatles is beatallica lol


First song BS must have been "Paranoid" on the radio back in the seventies.
I liked it then but didn't buy a record.
First Ozzy song, maybe "Shot in the dark" on the radio. Didn't know it was the same singer but I liked it.
Got into Ozzy much later.

Hey gimpnoid.
You binned a Beales album?
I'm in major shock about that :-)

my mum gave me a beatles album,,not for me,,i think i binned it


Good gift, yes. My father was an old generation, he would never look for a BS album

The first song i heard must have bin Paranoid if i remember right, my father gave me a Sabbath CD for my birthday., best birthday present :D

I kept hearing that metal is dead and Ozzy's dead and people that like Ozzy are dead. I have never had an empty seat. I've always sold out, so who's saying it's all over?
-Ozzy Osbourne

my first listen was to the track Paranoid...I think I was 10 years old. Sabbath!

I remember hearing iron man when i was like five. I didnt even know it was ozzy at the time.

my first sabbath song was Black Sabbath (NIB).

i was born into a family and religion where the most evil, abusive people i have ever met constantly attacked my sanity and physical body. starting from when i was in diapers. holy crap. when i heard Ozzy's voice, and heard the lyrics of Black Sabbath set to the incredible hard metal thrash of the band ~ it just completely f***ing blew me away. for me, it was completely freeing, and life-changing. ozzy sang out my anger, with such power - and i fell in love. i was a die hard fan at twelve.

funny part was - i had pimples on my forehead and couldn't figure out why - till the night i woke up to having holy oil put in that spot. see, i was possessed (as proven by those evil sabbath t-shirts with their crosses don'tcha know). loving Ozzy & Sabbath made my life hell, honestly.

i have my own kind of faith to this day - and understand the difference between it and what i experienced - because of sabbath. imagine that!

rock on Ozzy!

I can't seem to see you baby ... although my eyes are open wide ... but I know I'll see you once more ... when I see you, I'll see you on the other side

hey bethanne ,,i think your at the right place----only ozznoids here


I guess i'm gonna say black sabath was the first ozzy song i ever heard my Uncle played ozzy for me when i was a baby way back in '83 to put my butt to sleep, as i grew up my older brothers played all good stuff and my mom flipped out on them....back in '03 i met my husband and he sat me down with some *herb* and put on momma.........I was totally hooked !!!! In '06 i visted family back home and my high school sweetheart told me that i'd changed from a country girl who listen to boo-hoo music to a hard core rock out itchb!!! I was a compliment and even if it wasn't i took it that my 4 kids listen to Ozzy my daughters fav is Pariniod, her sister's is bark at the moon oooowwww owwwwww is how she sings it, my son's play air drums and guitar, they even named our cat (no bs here) Ozzy Ozzmosis!! and his girlfriend is ....of course named Sharon no lil kittens yet from the two but i know that there will be an amiee and kelly and jack to complete the kitty kat family soon so they will stop buging mom and dad......when my lil ozzyfreaks hear him they stop and tell the grown up to "SHUT UP OZZY"S ON" don't even DREAM of turning any OZZY music down or my OF'S will kick your ass....

dicating another generation of youngsters to your music


--my first ozzy song i heard was crazy train it was a theme song for one of the wrestlers i know

first Ozzy song i ever heard was Crazy train when i was a toddler and it ruled......GREAT THREAD

first Ozzy song i ever heard was Crazy train when i was a toddler and it ruled......GREAT THREAD

first Ozzy song i ever heard was Crazy train when i was a toddler and it ruled......GREAT THREAD

black sabbath black sabbath,,i was 9


Iron Man - at my hippie friend's mom's house when I was like 10 - in about 1980 - and that whole Sabbath album - but thats tha only tune I remebered tha name of - till I heard them a few years later - at tha same friends house.

I met ozzy in March of 1984, back stage at a concert that I won a writing contest to get on stage with him when I waz 14. I waz speechless - something very unusual 4 me!
google me!

It was some weeks ago (shame on me lol) when I played Guitar Hero World tour, and I fell as soon I heard Mr Crowley and after, Crazy train, and now I'm totally addicted, this is bad ? lol

ozzy- paranoid and Gets Me Through. is very nice

Paranoid, on the radio. I'm not proud to say that didn't move me. At that time I was a "nasty" pop-teenager. I became a rocker when I listened Judas Priest, because of my brother (God bless him!), then Led Zep and Pink Floyd. Years later a I found Heaven and Hell and I felt in love with Black Sabbath (that's what I tought), I followed Dio and Rainbow and some more years later I listened BS with Ozzy... love again. I looked for Ozzy and... you know the rest of the story.. I DO LOVE OZZY!!!

The first ozzy song I listened to...? Well technecly it was Iron man but I didn't now it was ozzy. The one that got me into ozzy was I Don't Wanna Stop.

Shelby H.^_^

The darkest
the first ozzy song i heard was 'Dreamer' from 'Down to Earth'. Ozzy impressed me so much that I started to find out everything which could be connected with Ozzy. I bought all Black Sabbath's albums with Ozzy in the band. I browesed Internet in searching for information about OZZY. When I listened to 'Black Sabbath', 'Children of the grave', 'The writ' (one of my favourite) , 'Iron man', 'Paranoid' I realized what real music is. I started to buy all Ozzy solo albums and now have almost all of them. All in all I understood: I JUST CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT OZZY'S MUSIC. OZZY (the greatest heavy metal singer ever) changed my life and I thank GREAT OZZY for it.
thanks OZZ for what you do. YOU ROCK, MAN!!!!

Black Sabbath - Paranoid (AM radio)
Blizzard of Oz - Crazy Train
Ozzy Osbourne - Bark at the Moon

i don't even remember what was first, but i say Paranoid and Crazy Train from some old self-recorded c tapes..

- Bleed for Ozzy & Black Label Society -

the first ozzy song i ever heard was changes , when i was 7 years old
i found an old black tape that had the one song on it,i listened to it over and over
when i found out who the artist was i wanted to hear more of the music (just knew it was ozzy at the time didnt know about black sabbath yet) later i heard good buy to romance from the randy rhoads tribut album
and i recorded that song onto the same tape,i eventually filled the whole tape with ozzy songs
i still have that same black casset tape 20 years later
When it's all boiled down and the day's at an end
I'll give you no bulls*** and I'll never pretend

When I was around 11 I got the The Ozzman Cometh as a gift. The first track is Black Sabbath. I have been hooked ever since.

The First Ozzy Song I heard Was "Diary Of A Madman"
Malo- The Friendliest Of Men Never Decieve Greed.

technically Iron isn't an Ozzy song its Sabbath. Iron Man was the first Sabbath song I heard aswell, then their self titled song.

Tony Iommi = God, his arch angels are Ozzy Osbourne, Dave Walker, Ronnie James Dio, Ian Gillan, Dave Donato, Glenn Hughes, Ray Gillen, Tony Martin, and Bill Ward (bassically everyone who sang on a song labeled Black Sabbath)

My 1st time was "Bark At The Moon" round at a friends house, legendary song!