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Ozzy and Skip 1982 in Ozzy's Dressing room talking w...

Skip Genery
I had been Telling People for Years that I met Ozzy and Sharon back in 1982 when He was on Tour. This Photo was Taken 13 Days before Randy Rhoads was Killed. I'll ALWAYS Remember this because I got to Talk to Ozzy for about an Hour. He was Genuinely Kind and Generous to Me. I FINALLY found My Old Friend that got Me in to See Ozzy...Cherie Colston. She was Gracious enough to send Me the Photo. I hadn't seen it in 30 Years. In the Original We were Shaking Hands...But this One will do... — with Ozzy Osbourne.
Me and ''The Prince of Darkness''!
I Remember Cherie and Sharon having to get Both of Our Attention because We had gone into a World of Our Own and were Talking about Astral Projection and Forgot ALL about Cherie trying to Interview Him...
And, when he denied biting the bat's head off, Sharon said, "Now, Ozzy, we weren't going to talk about that." Then he gave us a big s@@t- eating grin!
Let Me Tell You if You ever Wondered...Ozzy is a BIG Dude...! I have been a loyal fan before and after this photo was taken....However, This is ONE Incredible memory that I'll cherish Forever!


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