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Scream Album cover



I am super pumped for this album and I just pre-ordered it so June 22 will be a super great day!!!

I absolutely love this album, it's the only one on my iPod that I've gone through and put the work into adding the lyrics onto my iPod for, but Second go isn't up for me to get it. Please put it up?

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This looks like bad photoshop!!! really bad photoshop! please, please let this not be the cover art!!!!! :(((((((((

The worst Ozzy Cd cover ever...very amateurish photoshop and layout work lets hope the song content is better:(

<ol>You know wings are cool by me!<ol>

~RR Electric Angel

Have to agree with Coolstreaky in a way, it's damn awesome. Im not sure about one of the best but it's way up there however your judging it on. Good job Ozz.

His best one so far, I love his wings!

† Coolstreaky †