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kind of disturbing thread, this one is.

i've watched so many YouTube video's, some where Ozzy just rocks the stage and is so incredible, others in the latter years where periodically he's so f***ed up he seems to be hanging on the mic and barely functioning. singing without tone at all, mumbling as if in a dream state. that someone said he fell off stage doesn't surprise me.

i've noticed on some video's Zakk and others in the band don't say much in the way of insult, but they have a slight annoyance factor going on subtly if you pay attention making statements as to how Ozzy is unaware and very f***ed up / not present.

God i hope Ozzy's gotten sober for real. because he is so talented, so loved. and when he comes around again with his new material, i think it would be FANTASTIC to tons of people to see an energetic, clear headed Ozzy singing his heart out to them. honoring all the people who love him and worship his music. negating the negatives lain in place with the Osbournes and his catatonic states of recent years.

you know, people say s*** about his exhaustion...hopefully this time around there'll be an easier schedule on him physically all around, particularly on his vocal chords.

Rock on Ozzy Osbourne, you are THE KING of everything METAL and AWESOME in my book :-)