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It has taken the best part of the day to pressure wash the path at the side of the house, and lay some slabs so my dear olde dad can get up the 8" step.

Got some post mix and found it had gravelin! so I laid a base, and went out for sand and cement, so I laid 2 off 2'x2' as the first course, then a 3'x2 slab, which almost killed me due to the wieght, then a 2'x2' as the top course, and made it look nice.

Had lunch

and laid some more slabs in the back garden to allow the third water but to sit on top next week!

Cut 3 lawns, water green houses

have tea, start drinkingt beer, and type on the site!

the be in bed for 2100, as I have to be up at 0415 to go to work for 0600, for 10 hours, 1 hour drive home, have my tea, anwater garden/green houses, and type on the site, and so the week is planned already!

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