Got the sprinkler working AT LAST! I only have to go and feed the plants from time to time! Mind you I have a Syphon attachment for a plastic drum! SO may be next year now!

I have decided to re-plumb the small green house sprinkler, so that it is a center fed one, and the big one, put a loop in!

Could be that this is why the salad tray/guttering is lack luster! I had to put in some drainage holes

The Cucumbers are coming along extrememly well, and the few marrow plants that I have are so so
The Tomatoes, are a let down, so I have invested on 2 starter packs. They have 15 seed approx in the sachet, and are sealed in a foil packet along with some compost!. So I cut the top off, emptied the compost bag and sowed the seeds! after a week, the first set are sprouting, so the second batch that i started this week should be up next week! I just hope that we have some warm weather so that i do not waste my money!

I have to prune the apple tree soon so that it is a lot lower next year!

So there is a lot of weeding to do! any volunteers? OK, I thought not!

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