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Whoa...most of us were unaware until LD reposted something from the twitter site that he was ill, and if you read those posts this one will not seem very considerate of folks here. I for one have loved Zakk Wylde with Ozzy, and have appreciation for BLS also. Nobody wishes Zakk badly here that I have come across - some would like to hear a new sound with Ozzy, but that certainly does not mean that anyone does not admire or love Zakk. The posts here are about Ozzy and his new band mates, and the new album. Certainly don't think anybody is disrespectful given Zakks health issues. Zakk has prioritized BLS - listening to him in interviews he was not in the mindset of seeing his work with Ozzy as distinct from that with BLS, and clearly fans want something different, you know?
Dust and Ash Forever Yea