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wordtank09... i'm familiar with all the songs that Ozzy is singing in Under Cover. i grew up listening to them. My biggest issues are with Sunshine of Your Love, All the Young Dudes, and Fire.

On Sunshine of Your Love...only during the first verse from "It's getting near dawn" to "my dark (dawn) surprise", Ozzy's voice sounds nasal and obnoxious. I like his vocals on the rest of the song. However, his vocals can't carry the song. The backup vocals particularly SU-CK - they are TERRIBLE, and make you cringe. The band S-U-C=KS on their rendition, their timing is off and they are so NOT TIGHT so their sound makes you cringe even worse. i am amazed that these are seasoned musicians playing the instruments - that it's on a released CD is amazing. they HAD to have been on drugs or completely drunk when this was cut and approved for release. it's very badly made.

On All the Young Dudes Ozzy sings great - but the voice talking drives me bonkers, it absolutely RUINS the whole song. i do not like how it was done at all.

Ozzy sings Fire great and the song is tight, and sounds good. There's a bad@ss guitar solo on the song which i don't recall being in the song to begin with, so that was distracting kind of - but it does sound cool. [too bad Ozzy can't get solo's like that on his other stuff]. When Ozzy (or someone) sings "oh no" in a screamy falsetto voice, it's stupid, flat out, and simple. When Ozzy sings "You're going to Burn" towards the end, I don't like that part either. I would have not had that screamy falsetto tone back in there for that either. I like how he ends the song though - and his laugh.

by the way? you can listen to his songs here for anyone that's reading this and doesn't have the CD:
I can't seem to see you baby ... although my eyes are open wide ... but I know I'll see you once more ... when I see you, I'll see you on the other side