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that was what i was born into - what a crock Andy. seriously. if you look into the people in the legacy of that particular LONG LIVED entity, there are some big time nutzoids in that religion. they say "when you see the thing where it should not be, then you will know the end times have come upon you." the only thing i can figure that should not be somewhere is the presence of evil in what should be the place of love. so what makes more sense then 60 years after someone with a message of deep love and mending of all the harsh things of Judaism, all the legalism and condemnation and separation from love... that the birth of a dynasty historically littered with men passing on the wrong dead messages, abusing others (very f***ed up individuals), and reaping death and destruction everywhere to rise up and consume all things related to the most purest form of love that lived. and by a dynasty i mean organized religion, of which Roman Catholic church is but a part, though historically a strong and powerful one, of that entity.

they say "you shall know a tree by it's fruit." that one (organized religion) is a bad one, mostly rotten fruits come from it. there are a few kind hearts, but most of the rest are sick, evil, rotten things. the entity in large surely has been historically.

it keeps so many from even opening the pages to read the words of truth and giving the illusion and image of "holiness" to the most profane sick and evil souls.

ya know?