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sick. ewwwwwwwwwwww.

anyway, 2012. that's in less than 3 years. interesting how so many want doomsday to come, almost like they can't stand living with the beauty of each breath they take right now. funny thing will be when Dec 31 11:59:59 ticks over to 12:00:00 in the last place on the planet with that time, and "the letdown" happens. like it did in 1000 AD, 2000 AD and i'm sure many other moments "destined" to be "the end."

as for me? i'm keepin' busy like I was told to do. and leaving worries like that to the idjits.

but, you know, if you think about it, you might think "hmmm, how could i cash in on this hysteria?" i mean, you couldn't sell something physical, cuz we all know once the last wind's left your tailpipe it's all over, nothing physical comes with you. but perhaps you could sell a meditation tape, so people could find their center and embrace the moment (presuming it comes) without fear.

or, write a Book of Wisdom & Meditation with short snippets they can fill their minds with.

or, how about a book that goes WAY out there, telling of all the gory sh!t that's coming...down to the little details.