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i was being sarcastic and insane last night lol. i guess i have been overly stressed or something. i was joking about this stuff, especially "when the last wind leaves your tailpipe" and writing about a bunch of gory stuff. you know, the kind of book you can't put down it's so mesmerizing and horror inspiring. sheez, it's what people seem to want to eat up anymore. i HATE that cr@p.

For some insane reason this conversation makes me want to bring up the story Ozzy tells in his book of the giant hand (of doom?) that was supposed to hurl raw meat at the audience, but instead it short ranged instead and the meat whapped him on the back of the head. OMFG, i would have been on the floor and DEFINITELY peeing if I had seen that! ya know? i guess it makes that connection in my head because WTF was he doing hurling cutlets on the crowd? and what were people doing cutting cows heads off, and bringing in other disgusting things to throw at him? HOLY SMOKES, that is weird $hit.

but you two!!! :o) echoes of my own thoughts you put on the screen. i guess at 45 i think of that more than naught because i am raising two who haven't flown, and i just pray i can see them off and out of the nest before any piper comes a' callin. i just want to make sure i do things fairly, honestly, decently, and well - and when i don't, make amends that are for real, so whenever that time does arrive there are no regrets. you know?