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Oh my God that's so true! Both of you are so right! Evil politicians sending the poor to kill people, drop bombs on children, and take over other people's countries, thinking it will establish peace; thousands of children dying from starvation, while billions of dollars are spent on bombs, killing even more (; hundreds of unsuccessful war protests and anti-war songs; people murdering innocent members of their own kind just for oil; government lying about the things that are going on in the world and keeping people from knowing the truth; money being valued over other people's lives (same link as above); ever-rising taxes, gas prices, and the rate of inflation; senseless bigotry against others (like Jews or gays/lesbians or whatever) just because of different religions or lifestyles or whatever; so much hate going around. Oh my God it's a terrible world!

<strong>Unknown:</strong> <em>If I am executed, God will give you blood to drink!</em>