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OMG I can not believe that I am agreeing with sleepy hollow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When Ozzy was kicked out of Sabbath by Tony, I stopped buying Sabbath Albums (at my age That is all we had if you wanted to keep it, wher as Cassttes degenerate in time, something to do with the magnetics, so you have to keep playing them to keep it!) And then I heard some DIO singing with Sabbath and I thought OK then, and then started back buying, and those of you who got to know me, have seen my OZZY CD collection, and some of the limited edition Sabbath and Ozzy Vinal stuff!

OPEN you eyes, and your mind young person, and it will blow your mind!

As I have said on many occassions that Dio can NOT sing OZZY stuff, and Ozzy can only sing a fraction of the Dio stuff, and I doo mean a fraction, as it is to do with their respective vocal styles and ranges!

OZZY is one of a kind along with the likes of Robert Plant, Ian Gillian, and even Roger Daultry, as they started the rock industry going. Admitedly Roger was a Mod, BUT hey their stuff also blows my mind!Virtually every singer/band have followed their styles.

For me you can keep Death, Thrash, and alsorts of rubbish like that! However, some of you like it and it would be wrong of me to say NO MORE death/Thrash metal! Each to their own, so open your eyes and mind youg person!

Also I quite liked Ozzy with Was NOT Was along with that model whose name I forgot singing " bang your head". Ozzy singing with other genres means even more people are up for convertion to Ozzy and metal as a whole! And if you want to be a complete bigot do not bother listening to any modern music as most of is comes from those pesky black slaves in the deep south of America! ANd also remember there was a black singer doing what ELVIS did before Elvis hit the big time! My how things have changed for the better, as now Elvis would not have had a lookin, as this black bloke would have been seen and accomplished as the founder of rock and roll!

Are you not glad times change and mostly for the better, or do you want to go back to children going up chimmneys to clean them, and everyone living in abject poverty?

Long live rock and roll, if only Ozzy/Sabbath had not come up with that one!

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