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agree with most of what you said ragman =except= i don't with the statement that dio has a better voice than ozzy. i have always loved ozzy's voice, it speaks to me on a cellular level or gut level, much like sully erna or james hetfield. dio's voice is annoying to me, like a fly gets more so with each verse i hear. it's not that i am not open to him, it just strikes me that way.

now by saying so i wish to be clear for the rabid dio defenders of the universe: i do not wish him poorly in his career, or his health, i find his diagnosis extraordinarily sad. i am rooting for a full and victorious recovery for him. as i would and do all the unknowns living with that diagnosis and without the financial resources stars have. cancer sucks!

i saw dio with the rest of Sabbath in concert right when the switch occurred, and i have to agree with gimp. while everyone went to see Sabbath, only the shell of the music was there cuz ozzy wasn't singing or interacting with the crowd. everyone loved the songs with ozzy's voice, not dio's. no matter how classically trained his voice is, it just isn't that raw bleeding soulful sound ozzy has, nor in a bazillion years has he ever had ozzy's stage presence. actually he was kind of comical if you must know, i still can't get over the 18" platforms, leather get up, and frizzy hair this many years later.

if a man sets himself up by stepping into the shoes of a ledge, with all of the fans that ozzy had and retained, thinking things would ever be the same, that would create an unrealistic situation for you. i think the resentment went beyond dio, it went to iommi and ward and butler, honestly. maybe they realized the way people responded to ozzy and hated that back then, were jealous of it. ya know? i think what they did was reprehensible. truth be told. many factors were in there prolly. Sabbaths music had started to get a bit lame. and the harpie whispering in ozzy's ear (sharon) most likely encouraged thoughts about what he could do without the shackles of Sabbath, his wife Thelma, yada yada. recall she was doing coke with him, partying at clubs, having a good old time with him living wildly in the fast lane and like stars. i think because it manipulated the reality she wanted. she entranced ozzy with money and power from her fathers connections from day 1. she wanted the man, and was going to do whatever she had to to get him.

when that special something lives in there as it does with ozzy, the way people react to him liking him on a gut level, that's just the way it is.