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well what led me to any conclusion,,i dont really have a ending to anything as a gimp always rethinks and rethinks stuff,,its great to think and put myself on the other side of any sitch,,
now for what you are saying i have said it before in these threads that when a band has a singer change of the singer dies the name should be changed
i have always said this about music bands and will continue to do so on this subject and all my thinkin will probably never change,,,,ozzy is sabbath and bon scott is ac/dc,like iron maidons druce dickenson and judas priest rob halford and so forth
so in actuall fact blades yes you are agreeing with me,,ask 82-he agreed with me a while back when i said this,,,and it made him feel strange to agree with a gimp,,just like you at this mome,,dont worry right now your feeling confused and bewildered and wondering my god, gimp actually has thoughts other than torment and festerment ,,,now 82 got over this by drinking into a state of oblivion,and if you may let me suggest you could take to pain releivers and hope you forget me by morning,,ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha this is usually the out come when any one agrees with a gimp ,ive had this affect on other people,,dont seek sykiatric help dont seek doctors advice ,that never helps,,,ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

gimpnoid ,,the ledgend grows LOL