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Now Back when Ozzy was originally dismissed from Sabbath Iommi had met up with Dio, they did a couple of songs and Iommi liked the sound, so much so in fact that Iommi asked Ronnie to join the band and make it a permanent thing. Now somehow by those certain events and that only people want, or expect you to like one or the other. I say why is it I have to choose, and why even compare them. Comparing either man is a disservice to them both because they are nothing alike in vocal style or even stage presence, comparing Dio to Ozzy is like one comparing a car to a bicycle, ya they both have wheels but other than that they are nothing alike!

As for Dio hating Ozzy, or Ozzy hating Dio, that’s all bulls***, they had a few things that were said back in the day via the press, but outside of that neither man has ever confronted the other guy personally, in fact when one is asked about the other they both give out their own praises. Especially Dio, Ronnie is one of the nicest guys in our genre of music, a real gentleman in fact, despite the popular belief with some Sabbath & Ozzy fans that Dio is an a**hole is rubbish. And on the flip side of the coin Ozzy has always said even though he doesn’t consider Dio’s tenure with Sabbath as the true real personification of Sabbath he has never went any farther an said that Dio was a s*** vocalist, or Dio is any less than him as far as talent goes. So my question is if neither of these two men conduct themselves this way then why do we the fans find it necessary to start s*** with one another about it. Why is it I can’t enjoy what both men have done, each of them on their own merits, why must I choose is what I ask you all, particularly you RJD fans that want to frequent here. I mean I understand someone not being a Dio fan, or an Ozzy fan due to personal taste in music an all. But to feel or believe you cant like one if you like the other is just juvenile as hell, and I don’t get it, period..

I enjoy both men and their music, obviously for many different reasons, but at the end of the day I do admire them both!

Dio at this stage of my life is nostalgia, where Ozzy & his music with Sabbath I feel holds up better over time, in fact already has held up a forty year old test of time, so nuff said there. I mean no disrespect to Ronnie, but at the end of the day he is not an Ozzy Osbourne, nor does he have the credits in order to be.

Dio in music history will not be titled as pioneering a whole genre of music, and Dio has even himself acknowledged that fact. Dio knows he isn’t Ozzy Osbourne, and that there are very few people that are in our genre.

As far as it all goes Ronnie will be in the history books for a fact, but it won’t be because of his work with Sabbath alone, instead I feel it will be for a lot more than that lil fact. I think he will have his own legacy and his own achievements that will put him there. An when Dio fans & Ozzy fans accept that then maybe you can really enjoy what they both have contributed to the world of heavy music, instead of being juvenile and feeling you must ostracize one over another, missing out on so much music, great music!

Grow up already; nothing should determine your liking either of them other than you’re own personal taste in music!

And just remember one mans Ronnie James Dio is another mans Ozzy f***in’ Osbourne, show a little respect for the both of them that’s all I’m saying!

Ozzy Rules!