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and? i don't wish Dio or his fans poorly. but i cannot minimize the =BOOOOF feeling of incredible disappointment when the band took the stage and Ozzy was not there. To me, like gimp said, that was NOT Sabbath and they should have billed differently. except for the fact that they (the remaining 3) felt they were Sabbath and Ozzy was an expendable part of it. that all their problems would disappear with him gone. i guess they made a poor gamble on that one.

the way Ward and Butler came round later only struck me as what weasels would do after packing in with what they thought was their best bet. when they saw the decay of Sabbath and the fame of Ozzy, why wouldn't they come a callin' saying "oh, they were just being controlled by Iommi." give me a break, they were grown men. why not just step up and say "hey, i was an @ss for how i treated you, and am sorry for my part in what the band as a whole did to you. i hope you will forgive me, and can set that behind us. i'd like to be friends."

my reaction to Dio is and remains an honest reflection of seeing the man in person on stage. i don't like his voice, and his outfit on that tour was a bit weird.