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I agree blades that jealousy was the main factor in Ozzy being booted out, and then subsequently the other members leaving as well. However I do believe that drugs were the main contributor to that happening. Anyone who has dealt with addiction knows all to well the side effects of them, paranoia being the most common one mentioned or brought up. With paranoia one also experiences insecurity, and with insecurity comes jealousy, and yes I believe Iommi was extremely jealous of Ozzy.

Iommi is and always will be a control freak, and like you said it shows on his face often in interviews. Just here a few nights ago I was watching the last supper dvd and I found it fascinating watching the four of them interact, and during the course of the dvd I noticed many times that Iommi’s face would contort or look uncomfortable, so yes Iommi is a very complex guy, and humility isn’t one of his stronger traits if you ask me.

As for the way you feel about post Sabbath without Ozzy, you are preaching to the choir when you say you don’t consider Dio Sabbath material to be what you consider to be quote unquote The True Black Sabbath! The only thing with me is I enjoyed some of what Dio did with Sabbath, but mostly what I enjoyed was what he did solo, and those records I enjoyed at the time, and in retrospect I enjoy listening to them today. But no matter how much a Dio fan may bang on that drum that he is better or equal to Ozzy I still only march around for one f***in’ guy and that is the original singer of Sabbath, & his name is Ozzy f***in’ Osbourne!

As for your views on the remaining members after Ozzy was ejected from Sabbath. I do hear what your saying, partly..

Most of the guys, yes even Iommi has openly said himself that they really f***ed up. Bill primarily has said time after time how he felt like s*** back then, and still carries guilt for not standing up to Tony and instead going along with the over all census that Ozzy must go. To make matters and the guilt even worse he was the one who told Ozzy he was out of the band personally, so on drugs or not Bill and the others should have had a bit more backbone I kind of agree..

However with that said even at the time when they didn’t show much backbone or class in the dismissal of Ozzy in passing years they all have openly admitted and have told Ozzy they f***ed up big time & they were sorry. Iommi not as much I have noticed, but even hard ass Tony Iommi has in his own way offered out the olive branch and asked for Ozzy’s forgiveness, or so I think anyway…



<strong>Ozzy:</strong><cite>"I have no regrets except that I wasn't up to keep Randy (Rhoads) from getting on that plane." (Ozzy Osbourne, Guitar World Issue 37, 2000)