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ah scapeth of the long wind...i do love reading your posts and duly brake into a smile when i see you've posted. right. who's to know what is what about Butler and Ward. I just based that on seeing Ward in two different interviews talking about Ozzy after the breakup, both a few years into Ozzy's solo gig. at the time when what remained of Sabbath was gone and Ozzy was out on the road doing fantastic. also on seeing Butler on stage with Ozzy. and then, just a woman's drawing lines between the dots projected from what is known. in all of which Ozzy has seemed kind of oblivious, if not expressing a sense of hurt at what happened, which is charming as all hello. but - who really knows. only the three of them. not me, that's for sure.

btw, i too am long-winded on occasion, that is no slur, it i a reflection of your post length. no negativity intended. :0) it's nice to read a well constructed thought, not that gimp-a-long isn't capable of them from time to time, kind of like a rare rare (blades walks away, comes back 3 hours later still saying rare) treat from him... don't cha know those sorts of connected sentences don't add bling to his total post count which is key to his existance. soooooo. and as for the rest of the reg'la's? well, it's a tough bunch to get more than 2-3 sentences at a time from. with any consistancy anyways. lol.