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hey blades i was just going to say yep,,but i will go on a bit for your benefit ,,i agree that scapeth is longeth winded and yeseth always a great read,,well thought out and nearly always the best point of view ,,to date i think i have only disagreed once with the scapeth,,but that was just my oppinion
now mostimes i can just sum it up with one word and sometimes just a sentence but on the ODD ocasion i too can produce wind ha ha ha ha ha ha you know what i mean,,and my posts that are so high arnt to satisfy my desire of being the post master general,but are usually in response to another ozznoid,,on a lot of levels i like to respond to most of the off topic forum and occasionally here ,,and just think if sony were nicer they;d have a section for australian fans ,,as we are here with burning branch as well,,or i'd even accept a australasian section covering our ozzznoid friend pascal ozzy as well,,imo if that were the case i'd have a lot more posts,,and i know you say that with a smile (i hope) ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha and you knew i'd come in on this didnt you ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

gimpnoid ,,the ledgend grows LOL