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So the gimpeth speaketh some sense?!!!!!! You do not pass 5000 post with long winded posts! hehehehehehe

Most of this bad feeling is down to Tony, and if you have seen the films(DVD's) you will know that, even the Last Supper one by Sabbath!

Ozzy has grown up since the split but had a jolly good laugh at their expense with his own dwarf also called Ronnie, BUT that did not last llong did it. Ozzy Grew up and went onwards and upwards while Sabbath regretable floundered! OK, Ozzy was Always over the top, and that is why he was sacked from Sabbath, as the excesses prevented him writing songs and proforming, etc. Then again at the time fo the sacking, Ozzy's father HAD just died! Can not a chap, or a lass have some mourning time?

For more information look up my posts on the legal action that was started (the one on the front page), and you can read a shed load more!

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