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Agreed. He didn't touch any of the questions about his music that some asked, like about archived film of concerts from the 80's with Randy, certain projects he did such as his musical, the collaboration songs with Slash and Lita Ford...pfft.

I kind of already knew they would go easy on him though. He's a pretty private man.

But, maybe hearing what his fans are wondering about him, in the context of the heavier stuff, will help him see into the minds of those who pack theatres he performs at, or who antagonize him to no end.

:o) Ozzy! Oi!!!!

Here's the 10 questions that they did on Connector for CNN (yesterday): <a href=""></a>

There are 3 video's on the page that you can watch. Watch the one "<a href="">Ozzy lived to tell about it</a>." It's a good interview!

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