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maybe. but thinking isn't God's honest truth, so we can speculate but maybe never know!

I think Ozzy's always had phenomenal support musicians in his lineup, ones that nobody can doubt their talent or unique something about them. he comes across better with some musicians better than others.

the only thing about Zakk was his transferral of the BLS gear onto the stage with Ozzy. i may be alone in this but i kind of thought that was tacky. he also seemed to be really into himself sometimes instead of into the whole band thing. now, how can I say that for sure, i can't - i can only say what i read from watching him play on short video clips.

i love Zakk Wylde, he's a huge man, a big handsome sexy Viking lunk, but i think it's very awesome that Ozzy will be working with someone new. new blood always changes the flavor and it's always exciting!