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Excuse Me Please Consider I feel no Moore im"port" than another angel I am concerned of my brother's Faith AZ I a the second guy from the left of John Crozier in the middle between Corey Linster and Jim SKY Halliday of the picture of Motley Crue baltimoore black and annacourage heaven sent with the hopp stir donnie hegge with his sw3inging heart life right lover on me shoulder my hope is for you to see past this code and stand true to love and life as i am also the guy who sings with ace in the band kiss sume said my name of ace's brother paul was a walker butt yett old da standing gene say i love beth ISRAYEL i am number forty of the ROYALS UND-LR 1990-1992 az Mr. Bruce Liard is my father of Heaven and Earth Mrs. Pat Benetar is my mother az well hi jenn hi angelina so if you are cool with rock please someone popst this to ozzy i have a plank mess give forr himm do you parley ozzy or will you rock with dylann?
sixx gunn guyyhe ozz i am working on a bitt of a piece i was kind of wondering what you might think of it me an micheal myseld dylann ambers sixx 4/4/1969 otherwise known by the cia az guy corbert smith thomas benatar Liard baltimore colt forty nineteen seventy eight rockpa please listen i have hope and i am your hellpissed moore the char lee tan na band g m k jett i love you