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Lots of things have been said over the years and with hindsight should be taken with a pinch of salt. Each side have grown up, and then one side has had a go for what ever reason, so the retailiation goes on, and then stops and starts again.

We are all human and should not be pedistal, or kept in a glass dome to be admired from a far!

Ozzy has been on the same bill as RJD, but not in the Sabbath guise as He said it was not for him, basically

Each to their own, and Iommi/record company kept the name of Sabbath alive, where as Ozzy went for broke and made his true name and fortune. The others admit admit that they are jealous of Ozzy fortune. Then again if he had stayed, then Ozzy would have less than a quarter of that fortune with royalties, etc.

It is time to kiss and make up, as they are now in their 60's!

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