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Nah. I think that's long past any probability. I'd prefer new blood.

Why??? I don't think "Bark at the Moon" is very good. Seriously. And "Ultimate" was...blah. I like a few songs (Lightning Strikes, Ultimate Sin, Shot in the Dark, Killer of Giants), but not nearly as much as some of his other albums. Let me say, however, that I can understand that creativity would be stifled given the death of Randy and Rachel. Bark At the Moon was just so far of a departure from the quality of Sabbath and his first two albums, I for one vote "nay." The only song I liked on that album was "Bark." "Spiders" was good, but it didn't appear on the album.

I'm not putting down the man or his chops, I'm just saying that the mixture of them with Ozzy for me didn't work. He was beautiful to watch though. A nice looking man. Gorgeous. He was a rock star.

The bass guitarist Daisley who recorded with him for albums one and two was talented. The controversy though, Daisley's own fault, was a shame. Bug eyes...and whispers...that would creep me out too. The guy thinks he's a miracle worker when he's really not. Randy and Ozzy were. After reading articles from his own lips talking of things, I don't blame Ozzy for scraping the guy off his shoes. He seems like a big jerk. He's a good guitarist, but definitely NOT the magic of the first 2 albums. Randy was. Even if Ozzy today doesn't recall that he said that, I can understand why he felt that way.


Blasko, now, I'm thinking he's got that same fire and then some, and doesn't have the price tag of Daisley. He is really very very good. Gus G? You can tell he is brilliant. If he understands classical and pacing with quiet moments (not always full-on like his preferred guitar hero Yngwie Malmsteen) and can weave that with his own style into a distinct "voice" on guitar solo's? I think it will be beyond amazing. Tommy Clufetos, wow, just a phenomenon. I think on the magnitude of a Castillo. Adam Wakeman, fantastic! Understated, the 'hidden' talent in the band - but I'm thinking if cut free the guy will bring some beautiful, timeless stuff forward. He is extremely versatile. I just love the guy!

Ozzy has all the key ingredients for a really really amazing album. My only question is - Ozzy, when are you going to hit the studio and set these men free? You have GOT to do it. These guys are STELLAR!!!!!!!

Please!!!!! Don't do the Sabbath thing until AFTER you do something with your own band!