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@ f_darkbladeus, Let me put this as clear as possible. I believe the ONLY Black Sabbath is with Ozzy as the vocalist. I only buy Black Sabbath albums that feature Ozzy. I'm also a big fan of his solo work. I love Ozzy.

Let me also make this clear. I came here to give my opinion on his new single not to "spread crap" about him. I'm also glad that Ozzy is sober so I didn't come here to act like some teenage who thinks drinking and taking drugs are just sooo darn cool and that a 61 year old Ozzy should still be acting like a 21 or 31 year old Ozzy.

You also said " go back to the sites where someone gives a rats @ss what you have to say." Well, I thought I could share my opinion of an Ozzy song on Ozzy's forum, but apparently your opinion is only accepted if you want to blow sunshine up his ass. I'm sorry, I hate to say this, but the new single didn't cut it for me. I've listened to it a lot. I tried to let it sit in my mind and like it, but I can't. Again, sorry for not thinking that every little thing that Ozzy has ever done is the best thing to ever grace my ears. If you can honestly say that, then good for you because I can't.