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lol. I'm the last person to say that everything Ozzy puts out is great, or that i would say so just to "blow sunshine up his @ss"...never heard that one, that gave me a great laugh. I miss his vocals from Diary very much, even to this day. He had a sound that over the years he's kind of moved away from in somewhat a cliche' other "Ozzy" voice, and that makes me somewhat sad. Most performers settle into what is familiar though, and lose that edge. It's still likeable enough, in fact, I love Ozzy as much today as ever. The man is just gold.

Ever see the guy who played Jesus in Jesus Christ Superstar? His original portrayal of the Gethsemane struggle of Christ was pretty amazing. Deep, kinda cool. However, because it came to define who he was, he played that over & over so much in his lifetime that he just put too much else in it other than being in the moment, you know? To see what I mean, look here if you are curious: (here's before: )and then (after: ).

Ozzy kind of did that with the Sabbath song Paranoid. What used to be raw and in the moment became freaking sing-song and way less of something I wanted to hear as time went on. I think that's why Geezer said "oh please, let's play anything, just not Paranoid." I think a whole nother beast was born (maybe in the drug and alcohol and other issues in the brain stupor?) and what got lost was originally was how it sounded. Sad :o(.

He seemed uninspired (understandably post plane disaster) in Bark at the Moon and even in The Ultimate Sin. The technical elements of music were there but where was that feeling of tightness and the amazing $h!t from Diary? Wow, not in those a whole lot. He came back though with No Rest, in my opinion big time. There is the man I know and love. And he's rocked since. I don't like Under Cover though, for the reason that he sounds like a f#cked up drunk addict. His song "You Know" (Down to Earth) and his last words..."All right, that'll do," and the laugh strike me that way too. He seems like a real addict and prick. Sounds like he's mocking what he feels someone thinks he should say to his sons or kids or wife for not caring about them or who they are and just ends up sounding like he's rubbing it in. WHAT a D!CK. If I was Sharon I would have sl@pped his f@ce for that song. It makes me wonder why the hell he would have put something like that on vinyl other than what the man is behind the black kohl liner is less of the lovable guy and more of the pr!ck.

You are entitled to your opinion. My hat tips to you as a fan too. I am wary of people that come to the site and really are hidden Dio/Iommi diehards that hate Ozzy. That is what my statements are a bit barbed for. :oP