The Official Ozzy Osbourne Site | The official Ozzy Osbourne site goes. Not likely he'll change it up (yawn) but for the sake of dialogue with another fan, I'll give my 2 cents. I'm the first one to say, it would spin people's head around to have him change things up and come alive with a bit more variety in the music everyone listens to and loves that are NOT in the 'standards' he's played for years.

so, without further ado...I would really think it awesome to hear these songs live.

Diary of a Madman
Shot in the Dark
Fire in the Sky
Time After Time
Road to Nowhere
Ghost Behind My Eyes
See You On The Other Side
Old L.A. Tonight
In My Life
Facing Hell
Black Illusion
Lay Your World On Me
Trap Door

any of these songs in total would make a beautiful set list. these are Blades favs of favs.