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Dear Ozzy,
I just want to tell you how much you mean to my family. We grew up listening to your music our whole lives. My Father was your 2nd Biggest fan. I know that Sharon is your first. Your music has been in every part of our lives both good and bad. We never go a day without listening to your music. My father found out in 2001 that he had Hepatitis C and was also going through liver failure. My Father left us when we where small. So when we found out we tried will all of out might to get him to move back to Idaho to be with us. Finally in Feb of 2005 he came home to us. He got to dance with my sister at her Wedding to *Changes*. After he came back he got put onto the liver transplant list in Salt Lake City, Ut… Unfortunately he was so sick he couldn’t join us to your concert in West Valley City on November 11th. But I am so happy that you came I was able to take my son Josh to his first concert. He was 8 and how many kids can say their first concert was Ozzy. I have 3 kids and let me tell you they where singing your songs before they could even talk. My Dad so impressed that whenever one of your songs came on they would scream OZZY!!!!!!!!!! Ozzy was one of the first works all of them learned. My Dad got very sick they found a blood clot in his liver then about a year later they found cancer in his liver. He turned orange. He was so positive about the whole thing though. Then on June 14th they said they had a liver for him it was a very long surgery. When I went to see him after the surgery I knew I shouldn’t leave him to go home to Idaho but I had to go home to my kids. June 17th my sister talked to a nurse and she said he was not doing well so we all packed up and headed to Salt Lake City once again. We got there just in time to be with him when he passed. He was a huge part of AA here in Idaho Falls, Id. We made a big to do with his funeral. The beginning song in his funeral was *Dreamer* and the final song was *Mama I’m coming home*. His biggest dream in his live was to meet you in person. But who doesn’t have that dream. I am so excited that you are coming out with a new album. Hoping that you will come to Salt Lake City again on your tour. It would be awesome if I could take all of my kids this time, my girls want to see you so bad. Zoey is almost 7 and Breanna is 5, Josh is now 10 and they are following in on the family tradition to be huge Ozzy Fans. We love all of your songs each one has its own meaning to us. *Lay your world on me* is one of my favorites because that was my song for my Daddy. I would do what ever I had to do to get to your concert if you came back to SLC. It would be awesome to get back stage passed but I know that that would never happen because we would have to get so many. We made a huge deal out of your last concert. My Mom. Step-Dad, Sister, Brother in-law,2 Brothers, My Husband, son and myself all got floor seats. It was so awesome. You are an amazing person. After reading your book, *I am Ozzy*. There is just one thing I would like to say to you. Speaking from experience I would like to let you know that the past dose not matter it is what you do today that matters. I know that you have a lot of regrets in your life but so did my Dad. When you leave that all behind and live for today that is what makes the difference in the lives of your loved ones. I love you Ozzy and I hope that you get a chance to read this.
Idaho Falls, Id