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@ f_darkbladeus, I think we're more alike than you originally thought, at least as far as being Ozzy fans go because I agreed with almost everything you said. I just so happen to think the new single is mediocre. For all I know, the rest of the new album could be amazing, but we'll have to wait and see.

As far as the rest of his career goes, I've often said that I think "Bark at the Moon" is half great and half "okay" The title track, You're No Different, Rock n' Roll Rebel, Waiting for Darkness are all great songs. The rest are okay in my opinion.

"The Ultimate Sin" I used to think it was a ver underrated album, but for some reason, I don't like it as much as I used to. I remember when I heard that Ozzy said Ultimate Sin sucks and I wondered why he didn't like it. Shot in the Dark will always be one of my favorites. The title track is good too, but the album as a whole isn't the solid but it has some decent moments.

As far as Ozzy's voice goes, it's hard for me to complain about that because he's like every other singer out there. After years and years of doing it, your voice changes and just isn't as good as it was in your younger days. Especially with rock vocalists who play so many shows (and actually sing not lip synch) and rock music in general can be a strain on the vocal chords.

"No Rest...." was a good album but I feel as though he came back even stronger with "No More Tears". NRFTW has a few good tracks but I feel NMT is the more solid album. (An no, not because it sold a lot more copies haha)

I didn't even bother buying "Under Cover". I have the "Prince of Darkness" set and most of the songs were already on there. When he did "Under Cover" he should have chose all new covers to do rather than slapping a bunch of already released covers on there and shipping it out. Have you ever listened to Metallica's "Garage, Inc."? It's a two disc set and Disc 1 was all new covers and Disc 2 was all previously released covers. Maybe he should have done something like that? Instead of just releasing an extended version of the 4th disc of the POD box set.