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couldn't tell you about the Prince of Darkness set because I don't own it. I just know that Under Cover by itself does not make any bells ring for me. and we do not agree on this song, which is fine. nobody said we all have to be vanilla here. during his last releases I think Ozzy went WAYYYYYYYYY out there with his addictions and was long past the point when I think any wife (or friends) professing to love the man could still overlook NOT doing something about it. How can you love someone and live so scornful or so in denial. I guess so long as the $'s (or #'s) were rolling in for them his wife and friends were happy, hell, nobody to put a damper on whatever they wanted to do or have or experience in life. I wonder sometimes whether it didn't feel good for Sharon to have Ozzy's @ss so dependant on her, flathering over her like she was the godess of the universe. you know? in a space where she could get dibs back for years of when he could've cared less about her feelings. I don't know, but damn. very disturbing seeing the Osbournes and how Ozzy was treated by her alot, and the space he'd sunk to (brain stupor?). i don't blame addiction on a partner, but ultimately confrontation of it by her and Zakk and the kids and their set of close friends IMHO should have been on the agenda in the early 1990's.