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music iz free to share in most cases where im from. Back in tha day - we used to record an album on a tape and share it - so whats tha fukkin difference? These artists are multi millionaires - I'd rather but a soulja boy cd - where my money will go to tha hood. Albums were cooler any way - and 12 inch singles - where ya could mix em up -n- s***! I quit buyin much music when everything converted to cd and digital. Tha product waz better az an album. I ain't gonna jack tha "Black Rain" album cuz I never possesed it - but i would jack traxx - i once had on LP or tape of any artist that i like - just not ones i never had to begin with. This iz another reason that i quit listening to rock - cuz many treat their music collectionz - better than their families. When my kids were little - they were in tha living room - throwin my cd's like frizbees! I laughed - and never worried about my music collection again - or missed it for that matter. I felt more priviliged to hear a song i liked on other people'z systems then anyway.

I met ozzy in March of 1984, back stage at a concert that I won a writing contest to get on stage with him when I waz 14. I waz speechless - something unusual for me.