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Not as much of the songs as I had hoped (did we actually hear Soul Sucker? or just Gus doing his thing?) but I did like what I saw and heard so far. Ozzy is so clear headed and focused, excited and you know something? He seems in his element again. Like he's getting his sh!t together in his head.

What he says about taking risks with music, that's cool. I think he's always put out cutting edge stuff. And it's ALWAYS amazing. I don't get a real good sense of the album, but how much can a clip with 2 or 3 seconds of a song give anyways. I can say this ... from what I see of Ozzy and the band, I am excited, big time. I think this is going to be one hell of a show this year.

Not to slight Zakk but his stage persona was getting a bit too tied up in himself. You can see the shift from early years to more recent ones, and it wasn't a good one IMHO. He plays so many of the solo's and riffs that have spoken to my heart over the years, truly AMAZING STUFF, and is one HOT viking man...but honestly? He seemed like he was not part of the band anymore but was "Ozzy, and Zakk." I can't explain what I mean.

I am a HUGE fan of Zakk so please don't think I am insulting him because I am just trying to say what I see having shifted.

It is good that there is new blood in the band. Where being in the moment can be seen again instead of what had become the status quo. The tiny clip of Gus didn't give me the greatest sense of the man...his solo kind of got a bit stiff for me towards the end. But what do I know, it's all out of context.

The theatre (makeup and stuff) - yea baby!!! I have been hoping BIG TIME that Ozzy'll come out again and put on a freaking show like he used to. Those black pants and shirt combo's with spangles get old you know? I want to see a rock star, a performer, and Ozzy? He is the master of them all ... the quintessential entertainer.

I miss his COLOR...the fringe shirts, Diana Ross sparkled robe. I miss Ozzy alive and aware and performing...and it for DAMNED sure looks like this year we're going to see him hit the stage and put on a great show.

Rock on Ozzy Osbourne. Your the best. Hats off to you sir.