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wow, aren't you just opinionated on what people "should" feel. thank GOD Ozzy fans don't fit into little cookie cutter molds. someone like you might make them run for the hills. not this woman. in classic Ozzy language, here's the one finger salute sweetheart.

as for what he wears on stage - I care. so do alot of other people. you're someone who doesn't. great for you. doesn't change that i do, nor others do. neither stand on the issue is "obviously more superior." it's an opinion, and we're all entitled.

Ozzy's been criticized for going drab by fans. he went black when the drinking and pills left him comatose. people miss his signature flair and color. so F*n what. saying so doesn't imply we are stuck in the 70's.

we miss the non-black Ozzy. minus the 90's Goth, black nailpolish & silver finger, minus the spangles. minus the gumby black sneaker sh!t and running pants.

bring back the color Ozzy. black pants and a black shirt - oi. it's boring.

don't you wonder when hearing the clips if he's blending in with the boring crap that is being pumped out of the record industries @ss like gigantic turds nowadays? you know, by coming to sound like that garbage being passed off as "good" music just to sell a song and remain mainstream?

Ozzy has more talent in his little finger than ALL of that garbage your lips just pumped into the air stream. thank you, good night. Elvis has left the building.

making a statement of excitement in the theatre in his video and expressing a preference for hearing a different style of music than what seems to be coming - you really take that much issue? maybe you need to go into your bathroom and take your Haldol like a good boy. and do me a favor. don't come around making insinuations like everyone is in Depends because they enjoy classical flair in rock music, enjoy his wider range vocally from earlier years, or don't want a Goth figure anymore. have some respect for your elders son.

at 14 posts, you're awfully rude in your approach. your opinion smells, kind of like the wind that comes out when you lift one cheek after you've been unable to open up and let it rip.

I can't seem to see you baby ... although my eyes are open wide ... but I know I'll see you once more ... when I see you, I'll see you on the other side