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Ozzy's on stage clothing is very trivial. It's not changing the music or who he is as a person or artist. If that's how he wants to express himself, then who cares? It's about the music and the performance. It isn't the 80's anymore. It's not about flash anymore. It doesn't have to be. He's going to do what he wants to when he wants to, with nothing left to prove and no one left to impress. He's already done it all. If the black goth look is his thing, then what the hell...go for it!

Again, it's about the reality of the present. Ozzy doesn't have the vocal range he once had. He's said it himself a million times. To wish that he could somehow capture the old days is just silly. Go to YOUTUBE to hear and watch the classic performances with the classic stage wear.

You're entitled to your opinion, obviously. Whatever. I find it mind boggling that people still, 30 years later think that they're going to be getting another Diary of a Madman or that classic Randy sound. It's so far fetched, I find it hard to believe that people still continue to be disappointed when it doesn't sound like 1982. Enjoy the past for what it was and what it is. Continuously hoping that somehow those days will resurrect is obnoxious.

Also...the number of posts I have is irrelevant. I've been visiting this site since the day it opened.

You don't have to leave the lights on. I'm so used to being blind.