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Your are right by technicalities. Each has/had their respective qualities. RJD was brought in by Tony to give Sabbath a new direction! HIS! Yes Ozzy has had his problems, especially at the time Tony did his worst.

However, there begins a ginormous difference. Sharon kicked Ozzy A rse, to become the true Super STAR that he became. AND YES The Osbournes may have made money, BUT perhaps he should not have done it.

So HOW succesfully were Black Sabbath after Ozzy?

Did they sell more Albums than Ozzy?

Did they fill the same size or bigger vebnues than Ozzy?

Who made more money? That one is simple OZZY, just watch Black Sabbath - The Last Supper Video/DVD!

DID Ozzy dislike RJD./Tony? Another simple to answer. YES at the time and for some time after, BUT I think that Ozzy Mellowed. At least Black Sabbath reformed ....... a while anyway!

Long Live Rock and Roll

I personally do not like Thrash, Death, and all that sort of stuff BUT each to their own. There is a market, and these bands survive. Such is life!

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